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Nexus Corporation is an information technology powerhouse, providing virtual assistance to leading brands and businesses across the globe. We have been at the forefront of providing the latest E-business and E-commerce solutions to start-ups, entrepreneurs and enterprises worldwide, for more than a decade.

We are an IT-based business solutions entity, offering digital pathways and innovative business technology that serve your business needs including IT outsourcing. Our offers help you to grow and further expand your brand’s horizons.

We offer you website development, mobile application development, software development, and digital branding.

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Application Development

Our development expertise is exceptionally versatile as we have a diverse skill set spread out across our production tiers that consist of web and mobile developers, designers and project managers, all of who function in close rhythm in order to apply the optimal solution for even the most diverse solutions.

Our digital magicians build brands, enliven ongoing campaigns, and expand your customer base, allowing you to deliver an unmatched customer experience, increased profits and expansion. Read More

Advanced Technologies

Our teams our consistent in pushing themselves to self-improve on the basis of staying up-to-date with the latest and greatest in the ever evolving field of technology. From learning about the latest opportunities and requirements in the iOT field to researching and working on augmented reality applications, we don’t fear any boundaries and are hungry for always obtaining new knowledge.

We are committed to deliver the best even when faced with diverse requirements that call for out of the box thinking and approaches. Read More

Creative Designs

Whether it's a logo, an application or general branding, our design team knows what sells and we offer you a theme-centered approach to incorporate your brand identity into your everyday office material, regardless of whether they are virtual or physical. We even wield expertise in stationary designing and more than happy to take on any challenge required.

We offer you transcendent designs that get you noticed and make you stand via all visible avenues such as brochures, blogs, websites and general branding. Read More

Portfolio Management

We professional analysis and expert advice regarding the decisions you need to make in order to move ahead and take your business and brands to new horizons. Our consultancy and guidance have been known to drive client accomplishments via the innovative approaches we espouse on the basis of actual market research.

When tasked with portfolio management, we start with a competitive analysis of the given market so that we know precisely what we’re dealing with, which in turn gives our clients an edge. Read More

Digital Marketing

From specially tailored SEO practices to a strong sense of the dynamics of Google AdWords (PPC), our digital marketing expertise is as versatile as the rest of our offerings, and includes email marketing as well as social media marketing, both of which have shown to be extremely effective when it comes to business in working in the IT sector.

We never fail to rise to the challenge and to subsequently defeat it with our relentless pursuit of staying abreast of the latest trends and approaches throughout the industry. Read More

Custom Solutions

We also specialize in customized solutions such as cross platform e-commerce solutions, CRM and ERP development, and B2B as well as B2C platforms. Our team that specializes in such requirements has a vast background working with client products as well as with licensing our or white-labelling our own products for use with client requirements.

We have consistently helped clients with implementing such things as resource management and ticketing tools on short notice. Read More

Our Clients

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Our Blog



January 25, 2017

I have seen people having small business are not in favor of having an official website because they feel that having a small business setup doesn’t require a website, or designing a website is so much of a hassle, as some people assume that their customers will not bother to visit their website.

In spite of all these reasons, I believe all small business owner should have their company’s website. But that does not mean you need to create arduous or fancy websites with different animations and functionality. A simple yet informative website having 4-5 pages, which can cover your about, contact information and service page will work just fine to deliver all the important information to your clients.

July 16, 2017


June 05, 2017


January 16, 2017


January 16, 2017



We offer you brilliant opportunities to learn and grow professionally within your designated field, with immense opportunity for growth. Every day at Nexus Corporation is filled with challenges as we take you on adventures that make working fun and get your creative cogs moving.

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