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At Nexus Corporation, we provide customer-conversion-focused website designs, which act as a crucial segment of your marketing and sales funnels.

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What Makes Nexus Corporation the Best in Web Design?

Delivering top-notch design and development services for more than a decade has taught us this—anyone with the right tools and skills can make a website. But it takes a true professional to create one which has the ability to attract, delight, and convert the visitors that land on your pages. At Nexus Corporation, you get the best web designers for your project. They understand conversion funnels and create a visually appealing and easily-navigable design that helps you improve your lead generation activities.

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One Responsive Website to Rule them All

Our responsive web design solutions help you reach your audiences on all devices.


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On-Demand Website Designing Services and Solutions

Nexus Corporation’s on-demand services application development and design teams collaborate effortlessly to provide you with the best solutions and services. Here are some reasons why we will be a good choice for your business:

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What Do All Our Websites Have in Common?

At Nexus Corporation, all our web designing solutions have several features in common. Qualities which (we are proud to mention) set us apart from our competitors. Here are six features we make sure to check off our list when creating a website for our clients:

A great wireframe acts like reinforced concrete for a website’s foundation. And much like concrete, once your site is built on that wireframe, you can’t go back to make tweaks; you will have to create a new one—something you won’t have to worry about with us.

Yes, we know, every web designing company claims to assign this feature to sites they make. But our experts go above and beyond. Our code is always clean, images fully optimized, caching enabled, web objects compressed, and minimum HTTP requests used – all of which ensures a fast website.

Many will claim they can provide interactive websites. However, it takes a web designer with the mind of a marketing and sales expert to understand how to build a user experience that communicates effectively with users. We have such UI designers on our team.

Nexus Corporation carefully incorporates logical navigation into each website. This doesn’t mean we’ll randomly use all the industry best practices. Instead, we only choose and pick the navigation elements that assist your audiences best and increase the chances of conversions.

In this day and age, if your web page opens on a smaller screen and ends up showing indecipherable text and tiny, weirdly-placed images, it’d be an absolute shame. Thankfully, we house a team of the best web designers who always come through with responsive websites.

A website needs to serve as a well-thought-out combination of colors and elements, like a bowl of fruit salad and fresh cream. And any bad feature (think raisins!) can ruin the entire user experience. With Nexus Corporation, we guarantee you will always get a raisin-free website.

Take a Look at Our Custom Web Design Process

The web designers at Nexus Corporation have a well-defined process they use for every project. This allows them to manage milestone timelines and consistently deliver quality work on time. Here are the details of this five-step-process:


The first step in every design stage includes getting project details from the client, conducting research, and compiling data. When a customer onboards with Nexus Corporation, our web designing team sets up a meeting with them to understand their requirements and to discuss various ideas and approaches. We use the conclusions from our meetings with you as the baseline for intensive research into the project scope.

We check for audience patterns and their preferences. In addition, we look into the best-performing competitors. Then we boil all this data in our cauldron of initial brainstorming sessions to get valuable insights for the next stages in the process.


In this stage, we use the insights to create possible plans for the website. We break off into multiple teams, catering to different elements or sections. Each team focuses on ensuring that the ideas they put forward follow the project guidelines and will best serve the clients’ personas. Apart from user flows, we also create multiple options for the design guide, keeping in line with the company’s branding.

If the client so wishes, we will share these options with them. Their feedback will be useful to decide the direction in the next stages. If the client prefers to be more involved, we will conduct the final brainstorming session with them. However, if they wish otherwise, we will share details with them and request feedback in the 4th stage.

Brain Storm
UI/UX Design

In the web designing stage, we sit together to compile our ideas from the brainstorming phase. We carefully select the user flows that would fit the project need best and put together a draft of what the website layout would look like. Our UI and UX teams will focus on ensuring the structure is well-defined and audience-centric to provide seamless navigation. We also make decisions on the theme and other design elements like the color arrangement and font styles.

We take great care in setting up the wireframe design as this is the foundation upon which the website will be developed. Our research insights will help us make crucial decisions on many of the design and user interfacing areas. With a basic plan outlined, we will create a prototype to visualize how the elements look and work. And if there are any obvious issues, we will correct them.


Here at our web development and design company, we focus on providing our customers with the best services. And we believe that’s not possible until we develop a relationship with the client. Nexus Corporation’s teams regularly interact with the clients to keep them updated on tasks and milestone achievements. But that’s not all. We also value their feedback and incorporate it into the project. We have healthy discussions about approaches, and if something seems unclear to our customers, we un-muddle the technical waters for them.

In our revisions stage, we provide the client with a prototype so they can review and provide their comments on the design. Then we set up a meeting to discuss their feedback and, based on their instructions, make changes while ensuring the overall user interface does not get disturbed in any way.


In the final web designing stage, our UI/UX teams make the final touches on the prototype and hand it over to the development teams. The latter takes care of the front-end and back-end for the project and ensures the final website follows the structure of the finalized wireframe. Our website developers employ best practices to ensure the resulting interface is the best version that can be created on the wireframe. Our quality assurance teams will collaborate with the development teams to work in segments and complete functional modules quickly. By using small iterations of coding and testing, we cut down the time-to-market and other usual frustrations involved in compiling code multiple times.

Once we complete the final testing rounds, we’re ready to deliver the project to the customer (or launch it for them!). In cases our client only requests a design, we will deliver the prototype to them after the final touches.

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If you’re looking to get the best bang for your bucks, you need help from the leading web designing agency in USA—Nexus Corporation. We provide premium-quality web design services at unbelievably reasonable rates. We can guarantee you won’t find this price to value ratio anywhere else.

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Nexus Corporation provides highly affordable web design services to clients. Please talk to one of our specialists to discuss pricing details.


of course! We offer high-quality, custom web design services at reasonable rates. If you have a project in mind, please talk to our experts today! They will be happy to discuss and provide you with a free quote.


we do! If you only have the need for UI/UX, our designers will be happy to collaborate with your in-house developer and work on your project.

In a static web design, the content displayed is “static,” i.e., it doesn’t change based on features like user behavior, location, etc. But a dynamic one can employ databases and adjust text and images on the website based on coded requirements. The displayed content can even be set to modify on every reload, e.g., Twitter.

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