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What Makes Nexus Corporation the Best in Android App Development?

Over twenty years of providing flawless app development services, including projects with some of the most complex requirements, our teams have developed the skills to take on any challenge unperturbed. The secret to our confidence lies in the simple fact that we believe in continuous improvement. Our experts never consider their skills "complete"; they keep exploring learning opportunities and the latest trends. This is why our specialists can take on seemingly similar Android app development projects but use different approaches based on what will suit each client.

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Custom Android App Development Services

You may have a unique app idea or need a solution created as per your specific business requirements. Either way, Nexus Corporation's Android app developers can create fully functional, customised solutions. Following are our bespoke offerings:

Custom Android App Development

Whether you need new software or require an Android version of your iOS app, we can help. Our developers will create native applications for you.

Android Web-Based App Development

Nexus Corporation's skilled Android app developers and designers will tailor appealing web-based app solutions for your business project.

Android UI/UX Designing

If you only need a UI and UX design for an Android application, we will conduct market analysis and create a targeted wireframe for you.

Our Development Process for Android Apps

Mobile app creation requires multiple stages of work. If you jump directly to the core development process, you can end up with an application that does not fulfil a user's needs or has a hard-to-navigate interface. Here is the process we use:

Welcome & Overview

Every new project we take on starts the same way—with an initial discovery call (unless you are a repeat customer). Our most experienced members join the call so that you can consult with them. By the end of the project discussion, we will provide you with a free quote. If you decide to trust us with your Android app development project, we will quickly onboard you. With all legal formalities complete (including an NDA clearly outlining we will hand over full copyrights to you), we will set up a welcome meeting to introduce you to the team. We will give you an overview of our processes, describe the possible approaches we can take for your project, and discuss ideas with you.

Research & Plan

Without proper planning and research, no professional can execute a streamlined Android app development process. Nexus Corporation's teams will meet with you to discuss your requirements, note your instructions and design preferences, and use the information to conduct further research. We will research your competitors and their audiences, compare the data with yours and identify parallels as well as market gaps. With this information, we will have personas we can build your solution for. In this stage, we will also use multiple brainstorming sessions to bounce off ideas, layout designs and discuss which elements and user flows would be best for the designed buyer personas.

Final Touch

Equipped with the concluding points from our brainstorming and discussion sessions, we will create sketches of how interactions on the application will look. We will ensure that we incorporate the simplest steps in any given action (adding to cart, tracking delivery, navigating through options, etc.) while giving users enough information to proceed without any confusion.

We will create complete user flows for every action in the app and use the best Android wireframe tools to create a final sketch of the layout. Our UI/UX teams will share this skeleton with you, get your feedback, and make changes if needed.

Application Development

This phase includes two areas of development—frontend and backend. Before GDPR, the backend was optional for apps (albeit a bad choice) but is a prerequisite now. The backend—as the name suggests—covers the development of everything invisible to the consumer's eye but acts as the linchpin to a safe, secure, and fast Android application.

The frontend development takes care of all visible features. This includes elements like design, colours, and transitions. Our seasoned professionals will take care of both areas and create a cohesive app for you. They will also ensure that your software layout adjusts neatly to every screen size so all your users get the same experience.

Testing & Delivery

An Android app for phone or web is not complete until it undergoes multiple testing and bug-fixing rounds. No matter what coding language you use, there will always be some glitches. Quality assurance (QA) and testing teams keep checking for issues and work closely with developers to fix them. As a general rule, the QA and development processes run side by side, with the former team checking for bugs as soon as a segment or module is complete. Once our Android app developers compile the complete code, our QA teams conduct a final round of checks. When they give the green light for the project, we deliver it to you—or better yet, publish it on the Google Play Store for you.


Android App Tools & Technologies We Work With

Nexus Corporation's team works with multiple technologies to create customised android applications. Our tech stack keeps increasing with our skills, so we can choose the perfect tool to carve a solution for you. Here are some of the tools we work with:

Android App

  • Couchbase Server
  • DynamoDB
  • MongoDB
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Realm
  • SQLite

Android App

  • Android NDK
  • Flutter
  • Framework7
  • jQuery
  • OpenGL ES
  • React Native
  • RenderScript
  • Xamarin

Android App
Design Tools

  • Adobe XD
  • Figma
  • InVision
  • Mockups
  • Sketch
  • Wondershare
  • Mockitt
  • Zeplin

Android App

  • C#
  • C++
  • Dart
  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • Kotlin
  • Python

Industry Specific Custom Android Application

A custom Android application is an important business collateral that can do marvels for different business sectors. Our professional app developers can create your Android application from scratch.


Get a customized android application for your construction business.


Let us carve an exemplary android application for your insurance company.


Nexus Corporation's passionate team of professionals will discuss your travel app project with you in detail.

Finance Tech

In the finance section, budgeting applications make up the bulk of the category.



We can provide you with a custom android healthcare app to streamline patients' data.


If you are a retailer or have an innovative idea that improves the shopping experience, reach out to our experts.

Sports & Fitness

Get a custom sports and fitness app for your brand.

IoT Apps

Control your house from a custom android application and live the smarter way.

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Have you been looking for Android app development services that won’t let you down? You’re finally in the right place. Here at Nexus Corporation, we provide custom-built, end-to-end android application development solutions for customers across the world. We cater to industries like entertainment, finance, music and audio, social, shopping, communication, and many more. Our commitment to our clientele makes us the top android app development agency in USA.

Frequently Asked Questions

This depends on the app you want to develop and your business goals. Hybrid apps are faster to develop, but native apps give better performance. If you need a clear answer based on your requirements, hop on a quick (free) call with our experts. They will be happy to assist.

Our teams will help you modernise your Android app to serve your customers better.

Absolutely! Nexus Corporation's teams have created numerous android applications for social networking and can develop one for you, too.

This will depend on many factors, such as your audience and project needs. Most of our customers request native versions for both platforms, as they provide the best user experience. However, you can also choose a hybrid or cross-platform model. Talk to our app development experts today, and they will guide you.

When Android was first launched, the "official" programming language for this operating system was Java. However, in recent years, Kotlin has taken over. It is easy to use, requires 40% less code than Java, and is a Google-preferred Android language.

All our teams, from development and design to testing and customer support, are excellent at collaboration. They work like a single unit, which means a significantly lower time-to-production as compared to other services. Moreover, with two decades of experience under our belt, we are a force to reckon with.

If you want details about our services or need to consult with an industry expert, talk to us today on a no-obligation call.

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