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Application Development

We, at Nexus Corp, keep up with the latest requirements and guidelines. As these are essential for professional IOS app development services and help clients enhance and expand their business growth with the best tools and frameworks available. Mobile applications for iPhone and iPad take up a large part of all the Nexus Corp’s mobile projects. While rendering IOS development services, we have gained a wealth of expertise, apparent from our hallmark projects across multiple industries.

We take advantage of swift as well as introduce all the latest IOS features. We put users in a complete control of an app, Nexus Corp designers tune up navigation, feedback, authentication, as well as other UX functionalities until interacting with the app feels as natural as breathing.

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Android is the most used operating system in the current market due to which demands of its applications are constantly available. The consumers of any industry of the current market, whether gaming, entertainment, healthcare, etc., always demand innovative and value-added applications which are constantly updated.

At Nexus Corp we recognize this fact and provide these applications to our clients around the world. Over the past few years, we have dedicated ourselves towards creating android applications which enclose comprehensive features, of different natures. These apps not only provide our customer's opportunities to gain exceptional business attraction but it also allows them to achieve an edge over their competition.

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The future of the mobile applications lies in wearable apps, by 2018, these apps will have a worth of around $12.6 billion. These applications have given us various futuristic-driven devices such as Android Wear, Google Glass, Apple Watch and, HoloLens. Slowly, but surely the wearable apps have become the latest trend in the market of mobile apps.

With this trend in mind, Nexus Corp has developed new tactics through which we deliver cutting-edge wearable gadgets and applications to our clients. Whatever the demands of our clients will be, our development team will become accustomed to their wishes while developing and will deliver a powerful state-of-the-art gadget/application which will suit their demands.

Not only this, we also customize the already developed wearable gadget/application which will increase their (existing) abilities of market penetration, which in turn, increases revenues.

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Web technology nowadays empowers you to unleash the true potential of your brands. These technologies are the basis of many different types of applications such as web applications, web services, client-server applications, and in a desktop environment which uses the desktop metaphor.

At Nexus Corp, we use state-of-the-art technologies, to make extraordinary applications that support your brand theme and offered services. We provide different applications such as CRM, ERP, E-Commerce, Payroll and Inventory Systems, among others. Furthermore, we are capable of using multiple programming paradigms whether PHP, Word Press, Joomla, ASP, among many others, whatever our customer demands we will ensure that it is delivered.

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The following enterprise solutions, all developed by Nexus Corp from scratch, ensure that every aspect of operations, from payroll generation to attendance management, client correspondence to project management, and employee break timings, are easily and efficiently managed:

The HRM Portal: Also known as the employee portal, this runs on our local network and is synced to our tablet-based application wherein employees check in and check out and is used for all things from attendance to vacation and tardy management.

Time Tracker: This is a desktop application that is installed on all employee computers and helps with the management of breaks for meals, prayers and coffee, and is also synced with the HRM system in order to enable management to properly evaluate employee performance.

The CRM Portal: This web portal is synced with all channels via which potential clients get in touch with us. IE: emails and calls are automatically logged here so that our sales team can immediately get in touch with clients and accordingly manage leads before converting them to live projects. Once converted, the PMO carries on using the same system for task management and client correspondence.

All levels of our workforce use the above solutions on a daily basis for internal as well as client-based correspondence, and we also provide as licensed or white-labelled solutions to other companies.

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