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Why Choose the Artificial Intelligence Services and Solutions from Nexus Corporation?

AI (Artificial Intelligence) solutions are redefining the digital sphere, and the early adopters of this technology will benefit from being the pioneers when AI becomes an integral part of every business. Nexus Corporation will help you leverage the full power of artificial intelligence to meet your business goals and create highly targeted and personalized experiences for all your user personas.

Regardless of your industry or company size, our teams will create bespoke solutions that leverage existing business data to support better decisions and identify profitable areas for you.

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Our Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions

Nexus Corporation provides end-to-end artificial intelligence services including the following:

Features of Our Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Artificial Intelligence is a huge environment where machines can simplify and streamline legacy processes and provide solutions to human limitations. Nexus Corporation's teams develop software using relevant AI features, such as:

Our Artificial Intelligence Software Development Process

Much like machine learning, we have tried, tested, learned, and improved our approach to accommodate each project that comes our way.


In order to create a tailored solution, it's important to understand the problem and the role of all related entities. So, once you get on board with us, we will set up a meeting to discuss your brand, your audience, the insights you already have about your position in the market, and the problems you face while delivering great services to your customers. This data, along with our own research, will provide us with enough information to start hatching a (non-nefarious) plan to solve your specific business need.

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The team assigned to you will put their heads together to map out possible solutions. We will also share our approach with you and describe the various technology options we can consider for implementation. Once we have an idea of the direction we will take in terms of technology; we will create user stories and flows. Our UI/UX team will collaborate with the developers to create appealing design elements to be used in the software. When the design and planning stage is over, and we have a framework to develop on, we move on to the next stage.

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Our development process is an ouroboros of development, training, and testing the AI algorithm(s).

In this phase, Nexus Corporation's MI experts will break down the solution into multiple modules to be trained separately (if required). They will apply the right machine learning method to each module and ensure accurate delivery of outputs. Our team of QA specialists will conduct continuous testing to ensure nothing goes off track. When all modules are ready, we will compile and test them to check if they deliver the service they should.


Once our machine learning experts have trained the algorithms of your product and the QA experts deem it fit to launch to the public, we will deliver it to you.

However, that is not the end. AI solutions may need human intervention for further training and error management. Nexus Corporation offers a full year of completely free maintenance services after launch. So you can rest easy knowing you have specialists with you who will take care of any anomalies you may face.


Industry-specific Artificial Intelligence Consulting & Development Services

Nexus Corporation is proud to be one of the US's leading artificial intelligence service providers, serving a wide range of industries. Here are a few of the many sectors that can benefit from our AI solutions and consultancy:

AI can drastically improve the healthcare sector with solutions that minimize risk and remove manual bottlenecks.

Smart shopping is the future, and retail companies can benefit from both in-house and online solutions with Artificial Intelligence.

Nexus Corporation can create AI solutions for the aeronautical industry to improve internal processes' safety and efficiency.

AI solutions can help solve automotive companies' biggest challenge—maximizing the efficiency of their manufacturing process.

Companies can tighten their physical and cyber security with real-time visual processing and pattern learning features.

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Nexus Corporation is one of the few AI development companies that walk the talk. We do not make tall claims about what we can do or make promises we can’t keep. We start every project with a call to get everyone on the same page. Have a look at our provisions:

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. To date, there are four categories of AI:

  • Limited memory
  • Reactive
  • Self-aware
  • Theory of mind

At Nexus Corporation, we're honest and straightforward in our client dealings. So you won't have to worry about unexpected hidden charges or lapses in communication and updates with us.

Artificial intelligence software companies price solutions per project, depending on various factors. If you have a business-specific use case in mind, please contact us for a no-obligation discovery call at (302)-597-7401, and we will give you an accurate quote.

Nexus Corporation offers all kinds of limited memory AI and reactive AI solutions.

Our teams are proficient in all the top AI development languages, such as Python, JavaScript, C++, R, Lisp, Prolog, and more.

Don't worry; we got you!

Apart from being one of the country's leading artificial intelligence software companies, we also provide consultancy services. So, if you know there are processes that require some help from AI, talk to us, and our experts will give you all the answers you were looking for. You can contact us via email: or call: (302)-597-7401.

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