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Augmented Reality

Nexus Corporation has always been at the forefront of innovation, bringing new technology to its customers. With rich experience in exploring technologies and leveraging them to deliver custom solutions, we are an emerging name among augmented reality companies. With a wide base of resources, we deliver augmented reality development solutions for start-ups, entrepreneurs and enterprises.

Kinds of Augmented Reality Apps We Deal In

In a very short time, we have sharpened our skills as a unit while working on Augmented Reality. With this niche being in its ascendancy, we quickly realized how important it is to focus on delivering groundbreaking innovative AR solutions. Here are a few types of AR solutions we have delivered to our customers:

Projection Based Augmented Reality

You are provided with the necessary mechanism to implement artificial lighting to cast images on real world planes. The same technology is used for creating stunning and collaborative 3D holograms. We also help you create your very own augmented reality website.

Image Recognition Augmented Reality

Build marker-based applications by leveraging AR, enabling you to distinguish real world objects from augmented ones. Augmented reality apps also open up a wide range of possibilities that can be applied to various industries.

Location Based Augmented Reality

We offer location based applications equipped with an accelerometer, digital compass, GPS, and a velocity meter. At present, smartphones use this technology for delivering location based features and services.

Superimposition Based Augmented Reality

As the term suggests, superimposition allows you to replace a real life object with a virtual one through AR applications. There are some virtual reality apps for the iPhone that offer an augmented view of the real world.

What We Offer You

Transferring or projection of numerous designs through augmented reality software onto real life surfaces.
Animations and interactive simulations to make your applications appealing.
Specifically designed apps to fulfill every need you have by using the latest functionality.
UI with rich media elements to transform your applications into reality-based augmented systems.
We test your app for glitches and conduct performance optimization, thoroughly.
Augmenting customer engagement through our brilliantly designed and developed applications.
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