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Companies today need to be quick on their feet to accommodate incoming data because there’s no stopping it. And unless businesses figure out a way to quickly process it and set it aside in structured formats, the information will keep piling up and drown the enterprise in it. And while, technically, you can be saved with proper solutions, it will take considerable time and effort to dig you out of the heap of unstructured data as more keeps coming in.

So, choose Nexus Corporation to set a data management process in place.

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What We Offer in Our Big Data Professional Services?

Nexus Corporation provides a host of on-demand big data services for forward-thinking companies who would like to leverage the power these solutions have to offer. Here are a few of our many offerings:

Technology Stack We Use

Big data solutions are as varied as the technology used to develop them. At Nexus Corporation, we pick from multiple languages and platforms to create a customized solution for each project we work on. Here are some of our favorites for development:

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Our Big Data Solutions Process

Our solutions enable data-driven processes for business. Here is how we work on big data projects:


Creating a data strategy is as important as the solution itself.

When you get on board with Nexus Corporation, you will meet a team ready to take on your problems and provide you with a solution that works perfectly for you. First, we will bring you on call to understand your brand and requirements and answer any questions you may have about the process or our approach. Then, we will use the data to create a solution strategy.

Hello World

Once our data experts have a direction, they will start outlining platform designs.

This stage includes mapping out complete workflows of how the solutions will work, deciding outputs for certain user inputs, and ensuring a cohesive experience for the end-user. When we are done with this wireframing phase, our designers will use your brand identity to choose elements and colors for the software solution.

Project Investigation

Nexus Corporation’s big data solution development stage is the meat of the process.

In this stage, we use the layout and design from the previous stage as the blueprint to develop the software. After that, our teams will use the technology stack perfect for the job and start working. And because we work in an agile environment, our QA specialists will work in tandem. This allows us to build solutions faster and better.


When we have developed all the modules, we compile the code and test it again for any issues. Finally, we resolve them and share the solution with you. If you need any small changes, we’ll incorporate them right away. If not, we will tie up your project in a pretty neat bow with 360 days’ worth of free maintenance.

Our teams always deliver projects on time, so you’ll be right on schedule for launch either way.

Launch & Aftercare

Nexus Corporation Offers Industry-Specific Big Data Professional Services

Make sense of your business big data with our services. Nexus Corporation provides its offerings to a wide range of industries. Following are a few of the many that have already benefitted from our impeccable solutions:

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Big Data

What is big data?

Big data is a massive volume of information collected from multiple sources. Companies today deal with big data as they have to manage the influx of invoices, contracts, internal and external (client) information, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Big data is a large collection of diverse sets of information that increases exponentially over time and needs to be processed at high speeds.

Oftentimes, businesses may need to upgrade their legacy systems to meet the growing demands of better processing. In this case, data may need to be migrated from the old system to the new one while ensuring all relationships within the entities remain unchanged.

Every company has a bulk of information pouring in from various sources, like vendors, third parties, etc. To make sense of this data deluge, businesses need to aggregate it in one place. Only then can they perform any analysis on it and mine for insights. This process is data integration.

Data visualization is the process by which business users can have a clearer view of the information they need to access.

As the name suggests, it is the process of creating a warehouse of company data. Thus, individuals have access to the data they need without having to involve IT teams every time.

Yes! Nexus Corporation’s teams offer one-on-one consulting for all your big data needs. Talk to us today at or 302-597-7401.

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