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How our Experts Deliver Custom, Agile Business Intelligence Services

At Nexus Corporation, our business intelligence analysts understand data and how to manipulate and sift through it to get to the valuable (and often elusive) ores of business insights.

We create customized ETL processes and link to BI tools to aggregate, transform, and present information that is easily accessible to your employees and partners. Our business intelligence and big data solutions can better help you understand your customers' and company needs.

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Snapshot of our Business Intelligence

Here are some of the many solutions you get with our business intelligence development company:

Our Business Intelligence Development Process

At Nexus Corporation, we get a host of project requests of varying sizes and complexity. Some businesses want a simple dashboard for basic internal processes, while others need to mine and report insights from big data. No matter the solution, our development process remains the same:


This is the basis staging phase where we meet with the client to get detailed project requirements, instructions, and direction and start working on a plan.

When we get on the same page with the client regarding the project and our approach, we start brainstorming ideas and creating rough plans for the process.


You need to aggregate your internal and/or third-party data for any BI solution.

We will combine data from all the sources you need it from and integrate it in one place. This stage requires creating custom code to fetch data continuously, or at a frequency you desire. We ensure scalability so that you can add later as your business expands.


Transforming the integrated data is a crucial step for visualization.

We will take your source data and apply the transformations essential to prep it. We will cleanse it to ensure accuracy, combine datasets wherever necessary, build workflows to streamline processes and apply relevant rules to manipulate data for insights.


This is the time we take up our BI shovels and start digging into the transformed information for business-critical insights.

We explore and mine data using business intelligence tools and techniques. This helps us discover patterns and forecast trends.


Presentation is key to a great solution.

Nexus Corporation's teams will create intuitive dashboards or apps that showcase data in neat, easily scannable charts. This will allow you to report updates and share information easily with internal or external stakeholders, check KPIs, and take action accordingly.


The Technology Stack We Use for BI Solutions

Here is a list of BI platforms we use to provide unparalleled solutions:

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Business Intelligence
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You might be wondering—why should you choose a business intelligence services provider?

Well, data is the lifeblood of a business. Whether it's coming from transactions, customers, marketing, sales, or customer reviews and feedback, a company cannot move forward if they don't use this information. Sadly, most insights are lost in the deluge of data's high volume and speed. Therefore, they can't be used unless extracted, analyzed, and presented in a visually digestible format.

Good news—business intelligence solutions do that and more. Essentially, they make the job easier for business users. However, not everyone is capable of setting up full-fledged ETL processes personalized to a company's needs. This is why many enterprises hire business intelligence developers.

Nexus Corporation is a leading business intelligence solutions provider in the US. We assist companies in getting valuable information from their data and making quick and informed decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Business intelligence (BI) includes processes that allow companies to get insights from their records and help them make data-backed decisions.

BI apps perform business intelligence tasks for an enterprise. Generally, they are custom created to fit the needs of a specific business.

From banking and finance to media and healthcare, any industry can use BI tools and use it to drive better performance.

To choose the right fit from the host of business intelligence companies available, you need to check the company's expertise, portfolio, and testimonials to see if they're legitimate. However, you should only make the final choice after talking to them. If they understand your needs and priorities and have a competent team, they're going to be a good fit.

Nexus Corporation is one of the leading business intelligence development companies in the US. We have the talent and the tools to design intuitive, end-to-end solutions that fit your requirements.

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At Nexus Corporation, you get a free, no-obligation discovery call with our top experts. This means you can talk about your project and get a quote without any pressure from us to move further. If you think we're a good fit for you, you can go ahead and get on board with us!

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