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We’ve been fortunate to have some great clients, and we’re thrilled to have served them.

Take a look at some our clients operating in a diverse range of industries who opted for Nexus Corporation as their innovative partners.


Doodle Shmoodle

Any one, with an iota of creativity, knows that the best ideas come when you least expect them, when a person is relaxed, usually engrossed in some other activity and ready to get their creative juices flowing. That is just what the Doodle Studio app, Doodle Schmoodle for iOS is about: allowing users the opportunity to doodle, get creative and share their fun with friends, all at the same time.



Knowing what a rental car will cost them is the one thing that all customers wish for before they even hire a vehicle and that is just what the hybrid app ARTCAR supplies its users. It allows customers to browse for their dream and then, calculate the costs that could be incurred by inputting data such as choice of car, the duration of its rent and destination.



Only a pet owner can really understand and interact with another pet owner on that particular, intimate level with the right amount of empathy towards each other. Understanding this fact, and celebrating the love pet owners have for their animal-friends, PETAGRAM, a hybrid app allows users to upload pictures with their favorite buddies, and interact with other pet owners all at the same time.


Breakfast Buddies

Breakfast, the most important meal of the day is also the one that people are most likely to miss because they do not have the time to make it. What if there was an option whereby all one had to do was choose a healthy and fulfilling breakfast they would like to eat the next day and be able to conveniently pick it up next morning? That is just what the Android-based app, Breakfast Buddy allows users to do: kick start the day in a healthy way!

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