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At Nexus Corporation, we leverage innovative IT solutions to troubleshoot industry challenges, boost customer engagement and get maximum ROI with our advanced FinTech app development. What makes us the premier FinTech app development company is the fact that we have an innovative approach and work to transform conventional banking and financial services. We have enabled banking and finance institutions to go online and leverage the power of automation for streamlined growth. Since consumers prefer online transactions over traditional methods for money transfers, crowdsourcing, insurance and others, we believe it is important for a financial body to have a custom FinTech application for their business.

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Multiple FinTech Software Development Services

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Nexus Corporation is a leading fintech apps development company in the US. Learn more about us and what we offer.

Fintech App Development Services

At Nexus Corporation, we keep customer needs on top. This means delivering solutions tailored to businesses and their specific problems. In all the years of our services, we have never cut corners. To us, client satisfaction is a priority. Therefore, we always ensure our customers leave happy with our deliverables. Following are some of the fintech software development services we offer:

  • Custom software
  • Payment solutions
  • Intelligent CRM
  • Regtech solutions
  • Accounting solutions
  • AI-based apps

If you’re not sure what solution would fit you best, you can also opt for a one-on-one consultation session with our experts. Describe your enterprise problems, and our finance app developers will provide you with possible solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

A FinTech application (also known as a financial app) is a software solution that is developed to manage & optimize different financial processes. These processes include personalized money management, digital banking, insurance activities and different market investments. The internet boom has ensured the predictors that the FinTech industry will continue to expand in the near future.

If you want to create a custom FinTech application for your business, you can hire us. We house the best FinTech app developers that have years of experience. Let us develop your FinTech app; get started today.

We host a variety of different technologies to build a high-quality FinTech application. We work with Ruby on Rails, Angular.js, React, Laravel, Django and others to develop an interactive and dynamic FinTech app for you.

The time taken on developing a custom FinTech app completely depends on the number of features you want to add to your application. Generally, it takes a minimum of a week or a maximum of 6-months to build an entire application from scratch.

This depends on your preference. If you want us to develop a custom FinTech application from scratch, we would need to build a custom app. However, if you ask us to go with the pre-made template, we can do that for you as well.

We'd recommend you build a custom FinTech app because your business deserves a personalized identity.

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