Employ the power of IOT to boost in your business setup

The process through which we used to interact with technological devices is undergoing a major paradigm shift in these change, and one of the key fields that's encouraging this is that of IOT or the ‘Internet Of Things'. The IOT is based on a growing network of devices that have online connectivity so as to continuously transmit respective data to the cloud . At Nexus Corporation we have an advanced development team that continually researches this ever-evolving field so as to come up with solutions that allow your business to better serve your customers and increase your profit rates.


A Future Need For Businesses

IOT applications are slowly but surely becoming an important part of the business world. It is giving them many new opportunities and advantages including streamlining procedures, breaking down communication barriers and increasing production rates. It also allows them to stay in touch with their existing customer base as well as explore potential markets for new expansions. In short, IOT is making business operations easier, smarter, well-organized, and reducing their operational costs. IOT apps offered by us affords a lot of opportunities to its users. From maintaining home safety to controlling electronic devices remotely. We aim to build high-performance IOT apps that make lives easier.


Technologies We Use

To create these highly scalable, secure and resourceful IOT apps we use the latest tools and frameworks that keep changing on a regular basis due to industrial evolution that is inevitable in this field. Some of the used tools and technologies include:

  • - HIVE
  • - KINOMA 35
  • - RED NODE