Integrate The Potential Of Mixed Reality In Your Business Process

The virtual world has dramatically evolved with the inception of Mixed Reality applications that merge augmented and virtual reality to project digital objects onto a real environment. This allows real-time interaction for users to fully immerse themselves into settings of your brands choice, and subsequently helps you place your mark. Our team of AR and VR experts has a good deal of experience creating dynamic mixed reality applications that blur the boundaries between the real and virtual worlds.


Get The Next Generation Tech

The fact that mixed reality is the next big thing is made clear in light of the fact that all industries are racing to incorporate it into their marketing strategies. From healthcare, and retail to education and entertainment, everyone wants to incorporate of devices or applications based on this technology in the coming years. This upcoming potential entreated us to start developing apps and devices that connect its users with brands and products through a virtual experience. We bring in use the latest technologies to build a virtual experience that integrates the digital and physical worlds seamlessly. Whatever the solution is, we are willing to use our creative and technical expertise to transforms a simple idea into a complete working application.


Technologies We Use

Our team of experts deliver such a highly interactive and life-like application, based on mixed reality technology, which makes it extremely difficult for human eyes to differentiate between real and virtual reality. At Nexus Corporation we aim to deliver mixed reality applications that are a perfect blend of artistic and technological excellence and allows our customers to achieve their goals. Some of the tools and technologies used by us includes:

  • - UNITY 3D
  • - REACT VR
  • - JANU SVR

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