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What is a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)?

We can boil down the success of any business application to one main factor: how well it solves a problem for the target users. To answer this question, a company needs to get feedback from its audience—which is not possible without an application. Developing the most basic functional version of an application—an MVP—resolves this conundrum. Users can provide honest reviews, which allows the UI/UX and development teams to iterate and perfect the application to meet audience needs.

If you're looking for MVP app solutions, we can build powerful, functional apps that impress prospective clients.

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Successful Businesses that Used MVPs in Their Startup

Many of the major companies we know today polished their business offering with an MVP app, like:

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Advantages of MVP Development

MVP development for startups is a profitable idea. Here are some reasons why:

Quick Development

The MVP needs to be a functional platform without the bells and whistles of extra features, so the development time cuts down significantly. You can get your MVP app ready for launch in a few months!

Idea Validation

If you are worrying about whether your app idea will stay afloat in the massive sea of competition, an MVP app will answer the burning question for you.

Cost-Efficient Process

Launching a business app always comes with risks. But with an MVP, your investment will be minimum. So, if it doesn't work out, your company will not incur any significant losses.

Scalable Products

The fact that you can easily scale an MVP mobile app is a huge benefit. It means if you expand your business processes, you can always build relevant components into the app and test for feedback.

Expansion Baseline

An MVP is version 0 of an app. When you get your audience feedback analysis, you can incorporate features they need and build on ones they like—all without ruining the basic foundation.

What Makes Us the Best MVP App Development Company?

The MVP development teams at Nexus Corporation combine excellence in both tools and skills to provide our clients with the best services. We approach MVP projects with a business-oriented perspective—focusing on increasing results with the lowest investment. We offer quick, error-free delivery with minimum downtime. Our experts also mine insights from user feedback post-launch and adapt the app efficiently.

Hire the best MVP app development company in USA, and fast-track your launch.



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MVP App Development Tools We Use

Our seasoned team works with a wide variety of tools, platforms, and languages to create the best MVP as per your business model in the fastest way possible. Have a look at the instruments of our trade:

Development Tools

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Our MVP Development Process

At Nexus Corporation, our professionals have designed a five-milestone journey for clients. Here's our MVP process in detail:

Discovery Call & Onboarding

When you first contact Nexus Corporation, we will set up an initial discovery call with you. This will be 100% free, and we will not hold you obligated to choose our services if you speak with our experts. Our MVP professionals will request particulars about your goals and project needs and discuss ideas in more depth on this call. They will offer high-level consultation and give you feedback for any improvement areas they notice. If you decide to be on board with us, we will set up a meeting with both UI/UX and development teams to discuss and brainstorm ideas. If you have any specific design requirements, you can provide details on that front, too.

On boarding
Research & Strategy

Before moving onto any development area, it is essential to research audience behaviour and strategise on the approach. Without this stage, an app—even an MVP—can quickly land in the fail-zone. Our teams will use the information you provided us in the previous phase and dive into technicalities. They will conduct brainstorming sessions to identify value-adding improvements and understand your audience's purchase patterns and preferences. Additionally, they will explore similar apps, conduct in-depth competitive research, and identify your main USP. They will also map out multiple user flows and user stories.

Wireframing & Design

This is the point when our UI/UX teams will take the front lines and work on creating the layout—or wireframe—of the MVP app. They will use the brainstorming insights and user flow sketches to develop a user-friendly interface. Nexus Corporation's experts will complete this phase in two stages. First, they will create mid-fidelity wireframes. This means they will focus on the layout and functionality here without being hindered by any design elements. This basic layout will help them create a rough foundation of the app. In the next stage, our UI experts will cover the skeleton with an appealing design. Our MVP development experts will also add content to the wireframe and make sure it adjusts perfectly on different screens.

Wire framing
Coding & Development

Nexus Corporation's teams will document the elements and functionality to release with the MVP and make a tentative roadmap of the features planned to release in future iterations. We will choose the technology stack that best serves your project needs and use the wireframe as the blueprint for the functional product. Our experienced app developers will work efficiently and collaborate with UI/UX teams to ensure every page in the app meets the optimum standard. Finally, we will work on testing the product. Our QA teams will work with the developers to fix bugs. Once they give us the go-ahead, we will prepare for the launch of your MVP.

Feedback & Iterations

Once we launch your MVP app on all major application stores, we will keep an eye on user feedback. The user reviews and ratings will give us an idea of how useful the application is, the problems users face with it, the features they wish it offered, and whether or not it actually solves the challenge we designed it to resolve. In a few months, it will become crystal clear whether the product has potential or not. If not, you can leave with a learning experience. If we discover another opportunity in the user feedback, we will discuss it with you. And if your project shows value, we will work on and finalise the roadmap of features to incorporate in the app.

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Whether you’re looking for iOS or Android MVP app development solutions, Nexus Corporation has you covered. Our experts can build an MVP app that meets all your goals and help you understand your customers better.

Frequently Asked Questions


No matter how big, complex, or small your business app idea, Nexus Corporation's teams will happily lend you a hand with the development and design.

An MVP is the simplest functional app. People often misunderstand it to be a small cog in the whole machine when it is a complete business solution—just a basic one. For example, a food delivery MVP app may not have extensive design or gamification elements, but it will allow users to order food.

Our pricing depends on the type of project we get and the timeline for delivery. If you need a free quote, you can hop on a free consultation call with our experts and discuss your needs.

It is better to give your MVP app development solutions provider as much information as possible. More data means they will not need to allocate extensive time to research for these and develop your project quicker.

You can always outsource such projects to a reliable MVP development services provider. Nexus Corporation's teams are highly experienced, will involve you at every stage, and incorporate your feedback. Give us a call today!

With our multiple payment options, you can pay easily for our services even if you are on the other end of the globe!

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