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What is an On-Demand

Business digitalisation brings the world closer every day with new and improved advancements. And on-demand delivery applications play a major role in this progress. They connect users with relevant services, bridging the consumer and business gap with speedy service provision.

With an on-demand delivery solution, users can quickly request a service from a list of options without having to do without the comfort of their home (or anywhere else). And as for businesses, the better exposure these apps offer helps them significantly increase their customer conversion rates. If you’re in the market for on-demand app development solutions, reach out to the professionals at Nexus Corporation.


Examples of On-Demand Delivery Platforms

On-demand delivery software allows people to use their favourite services, easier. These are a few examples of the well-loved apps in this category. Have a look:

Why Businesses Choose Our On-Demand App Development Service?

Nexus Corporation is the forerunner in the industry when it comes to innovation with style. Our teams understand that your on-demand app needs to stand out from the competition and use all available means to get you there. With our experience spanning over two decades and hundreds of bespoke web and mobile apps delivered, we can provide you with a brilliant on-demand delivery app development solution.

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Key Features of An On-Demand Service App

Before you choose to develop delivery apps for your business, it is important to understand the most important features that consumers look for. Here are the top six must-have elements:

Simple Interface

Let’s face it—the business app competition is cutthroat. But if you can provide a no-frustration experience with your app, you can beat the competition. We will design simple and elegant interfaces to delight your audience.

Visually Appealing Design

People enjoy using applications with good design elements. They add to the user experience and, in some cases like order tracking, add to the functionality, too! We can help you design aesthetic apps.

Order Tracking

On-demand delivery apps must include an order tracking section to give users transparency about the delivery stage. It also reduces the number of customer service calls from users asking about their orders.

Internal Messaging

A consumer will ultimately need to talk to the professional making the delivery (or coming over to provide a service). Internal messaging systems allow users to stay within the app instead of using another messaging service when communicating with your riders.

Push Notifications

For a business, push notifications are the best way to market to users within the app—they have a whopping 90% open rate! You can offer exciting deals and get their attention with a simple but striking message.

Search, Filter, History

The holy trinity of an on-demand app—search, filter, and history, is essential to an audience. It allows them to navigate around your app easily and get exactly what they are looking for.

Categories of On-Demand Applications

From food to transportation and logistics, on-demand services help shape easier lifestyles in many ways. Nexus Corporation’s team can help build practical solutions for you—no matter what industry. Here are a few examples:

Why Choose Our On-Demand App Development Service?

Nexus Corporation’s on-demand services application development and design teams collaborate effortlessly to provide you with the best solutions and services. Here are some reasons why we will be a good choice for your business:

On-Demand App Builder Tools We Use

We love to play with different technologies to discover better methodologies, easier development processes, and more interactivity in design and wireframing. Have a look at our tech stack:

Development Tools


Design Tools




Our On-Demand Delivery App Development Process

We have honed and polished our processes over two decades, and it shows. Our teams approach each stage of our app-building journey with the desire and determination to deliver the very best to our customers. Take a look at the details:

Project Discussion

Every project at Nexus Corporation begins with an in-depth discussion with the client. As a business owner, you will possess intimate knowledge of the brand and can provide valuable details about the company and its audience to help us build targeted solutions. We also take this meeting as a chance to brainstorm ideas and approaches. The information we receive at this point serves as a base for further research.

In this discussion, we will also walk you through our work processes and familiarise you with our teams and their roles to induce better collaboration in the next steps.

Market Analysis

It is crucial for an on-demand app developer and UI/UX designer to understand the audience before building a solution for them. A comprehensive, in-depth market analysis will help them narrow a bulk of data down to specific usage patterns. And with this targeted audience data, a designer will be able to make more informed decisions on selecting the best app features and the most streamlined approach to design it.

The Nexus Corporation team assigned to your project will take a deep investigative dive into your customer behaviour, competitor metrics, market demand and gaps, and more. If there is any data that will be crucial to a five-star-worthy-app’s development process, we will find it. Our market analysis will also uncover competitor weaknesses we can leverage for you.

Market Analysis
Planning & Wireframing

There are as many ways to shape and build an on-demand app as there are designers and developers in the world. At Nexus Corporation, each expert brings their unique talent, skills, and experience to the table and works their level best on the project.

We use the information we glean from the market analysis phase in sketching multiple rough layouts in the planning stage. First, we brainstorm together to discuss the feasibility of each idea and shortlist the one we feel creates the shortest and most direct line between a consumer and the product/service they were looking for. We then build a final layout wireframe, sketching out every user interaction so the developers have a clear work checklist.

Planning and Wireframing
Backend Development

If your app requires data collection of any kind, you’d need a place to store it. For example, to deploy personalised marketing/upselling triggers based on in-app searches, you need to store the user search content somewhere. Backend development helps provide data storage and other benefits like GDPR security compliance, reduced time to market, and enhanced performance.

Nexus Corporation’s development team will choose the architecture and technology best suited for your app. Then, they will work tirelessly to build a strong, secure backend for your on-demand software.

Frontend Development

Frontend development involves using code to bring the user-facing wireframe to life. In this step, our teams will use the blueprint they finalised in the third stage to develop a functional MVP or prototype (based on your requirements). They will also select the right framework for your on-demand delivery app that delivers the fastest results.

Because your consumer will directly face the results of this stage, we will use a striking design and interactive elements to impress them. In addition, we will make sure that the content and interface maintain their quality for every operating software (iOS, Android etc.) and screen size, so each individual in your audience will have a streamlined experience.

Front End
Mobile App Development Agency
Mobile App Development Company

On-Demand App
Development Services

If you have been disappointed with online app services and lost hope of finding a reliable company, wait. Nexus Corporation can provide you with premium on-demand app development to help your business meet its goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

An on-demand application resolves the time constraint issues of consumers by getting them their required products/services. Normally, users spend a lot of time:

  • searching for relevant physical stores individually,
  • comparing prices of items they need,
  • making the final choice,
  • and waiting in line for payment,

However, on-demand apps bring stores to the user in an easy-to-navigate interface where they can search, compare, pick, and pay for their choice of product or service effortlessly.

Of course!
If you are a UI/UX and development expert and understand best practices, then go ahead. If not, it is better to hire a team of experienced professionals for the on-demand app for your business.

Nexus Corporation is a leading on-demand mobile app development company. We offer bespoke services to our customers, and our seasoned team is always ready to provide high level consultation.

If you have a development project, discuss it with us on a free no-obligation discovery call.

For mobile applications, architecture defines the structure of the software. There are multiple options, and each can be well-suited in specific cases.

The Nexus Corporation teams will choose the best fit based on your requirements, budget, audience, and choice of the operating system.

If you accept our services after our initial discovery call, we will set up an introductory meeting to explain our processes and how we will work on your app. We will then have brainstorming sessions and regular update meetings with you. Finally, in the wireframing stage, we will discuss the features with you, and if you need any revisions, we will rework the elements.

Every on-demand mobile and web app is different and will vary in cost. However, we will give you a free quote after our discovery call when you provide details.

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