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Privacy Policy

The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to ensure that users are informed concerning the different types of personal information collected by Nexus Corporation Limited through the website (www.nexuscorp-ltd.com). This Privacy Policy pertains to the Nexus Corporation Limited site and does not apply to information collected through other means such as websites belonging to associates, partners, vendors or affiliates.

Information Users Provide Us

Nexus Corporation Limited only collects, stores and uses personal information that users submit willingly and on their own. This is usually at the time when users contact Nexus Corporation Limited for business purposes or for processing a job application.

Users may surrender personal information such as their name, email address, contact number, and their resume. Based on the information provided by users, Nexus Corporation Limited can cater to requests or queries, and generally proceed with correspondence as required. Correspondence may be initiated from Nexus Corporation Limited’s side when there are topics that might be of interest users who have previously submitted their personal information.

Information Collected through Nexus Corporation Limited’s Automated System

Nexus Corporation Limited remains fully committed to ensuring an informative and pertinent online experience for all its users. Particular information of users is collected through an automated process for the purpose of ensuring this. User information collected includes: IP address, internet browser type, operating system, referring URLs, data related to movement and actions of users on the Nexus Corporation Limited site, the number of website visitors as well as the precise date and time of visits.

The whole purpose of collecting this information is to create an improved user experience for users. The means used by Nexus Corporation Limited for collecting user information includes the following:

Internet Cookies

Internet cookies are described as small pieces of text that are deposited on a user’s hard drive or any device they use that has internet connectivity. This happens when users visit websites. However, users get to opt out of this activity.

There is a reason why websites implement this technology. Internet cookies help websites to capture user data that’s relevant for personalizing user-end experience. Apart from this, cookies are also implemented for the purpose of security and for website statistical data collection. Some of these details include: data concerning the pages visited, downloads, as well as the route that users take through a website.

As mentioned a little earlier in this same section, users can opt out of internet cookies being deposited on their devices. A simple change in their browser settings will turn off cookie deposits.

Opting out of cookies being used on devices has some disadvantages that users should beware of. Users’ website experience may not be personalized, and they may not be able to leverage the full impact the website potential has for users.

In many cases, services inform users about cookies. They explain to users how they can be notified of cookies and also how users can prevent current cookie action. You can obtain the most pertinent information through the ‘Help’ section on your browser.

Google Analytics

Nexus Corporation Limited may implement third-party web analytics services on its website. Some of these third-party services, such as Google Analytics, leverage technology like cookies that help their analytical processes as part of understanding the user actions and habits on Nexus Corporation Limited’s website.

Information that is retrieved with the help of these cookies in analytical third-party services include: a user’s IP address, URLs visited, date and time a given page was visited. This information is stored on Google’s servers, which in turn means that Google will make use of this information for tracking user movement on the site, accumulating data for forming reports on the website’s activities, and for delivering information that helps website administrators improve website efficacy.

Based on legal requirements, Google may transfer the website data to third parties that process user data for Google.

How Nexus Corporation Limited Uses the Information Collected

Nexus Corporation Limited only collects information about you for the sake of delivering a better and more personalized user experience. Within this, the whole idea of collecting user information is for the sake of:

  • Processing, analyzing and responding to user inquiries;
  • Identifying user identity for better security;
  • Conducting, assessing and ameliorating business at Nexus Corporation Limited, which includes:
    1. Formulating new services;
    2. Creating more effective communications management;
    3. Understanding more about website visitors;
  • Processing employment applications;
  • Carrying out data analyses (which encompasses encrypting personal data);
  • Ensuring compliance with Nexus Corporation Limited’s Terms of Use;
  • Complying with legal requirements and meeting industry standards and Nexus Corporation Limited’s policies.

Nexus Corporation Limited may make use of personal information for additional purposes related to user benefits. These additional purposes will be identified at the time of collecting data.

Sharing Information

Nexus Corporation Limited never sells or discloses users’ personal information, unless users have been exclusively informed about doing so at the time the data is collected.

Nexus Corporation Limited may also share user information with service providers whom they may have partnered with for handling part of their processes, which may include but not be limited to: hosting or running www.nexuscorp-ltd.com, fulfilling user requests, answering or catering to user requests or inquiries, and data analysis.

Any third-party services engaged for processing any part of user data, are always under rigid contractual agreement with Nexus Corporation Limited, which safeguards users’ personal information.

Nexus Corporation Limited may disclose user information in compliance with relevant law. User data may be handed over to law enforcement authorities, for the purpose of defending the legal rights of Nexus Corporation Limited, or for the purpose of investigation, in the process of preventing illegal activities, suspected fraud, or violations for Nexus Corporation Limited’s Terms of Use and other applicable policies.


Nexus Corporation Limited places high value on security of information, and remains committed to implementing mechanisms to safeguard personal information of users that is collected. At the same time, it must be realized that a site’s security may not be 100% due to the nature of the internet.

External Website Links

Nexus Corporation Limited may offer its users links to external websites to enhance user convenience and information. The websites offered may have completely independent operations and may have no link with Nexus Corporation Limited. Moreover, these sites may have their own privacy policies, which Nexus Corporation Limited recommends users should read closely prior to disclosing their personal information to them. Nexus Corporation Limited does not take any responsibility for the content on linked websites, including what’s mentioned in their privacy policies.

Access, Updates and User Preferences

Users have the right to inform Nexus Corporation Limited at any time when they do not wish to receive emails concerning marketing communications. Users can do this by using the Unsubscribe link available within the marketing emails. Alternatively, users can stop receiving marketing emails by emailing Nexus Corporation Limited at the email address provided below.

If users have provided Nexus Corporation Limited with their personal information, they may ask to have it deleted, updated or amended. Users may send their request to the following address: info@nexuscorp-ltd.com


By using Nexus Corporation Limited’s website, users automatically agree to process their personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Contacting Info

If users have any requests or queries concerning this Privacy Policy, they can get in touch with Nexus Corporation Limited through the following contact details:

Email address: info@nexuscorp-ltd.com

Nexus Corporation Limited
Office Num: 504, 505 & 608
Park Avenue

Privacy Notice Changes

Nexus Corporation Limited reserves the right to amend or make additions to its Privacy Policy. The changes made will be visible on the Nexus Corporation Limited website, and there will be an indication of when the changes were made, at the bottom of the Privacy Policy itself. Users are encouraged to visit the Privacy Policy page from time-to-time to view the latest set of changes.

Privacy Policy Last Updated on: August 3, 2017.

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