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Why Choose Our React Native App Developers?

React Native is the top-trending language in cross-platform app development for its reusable code, lower time-to-market, and superior performance. The react native mobile application developers at Nexus Corporation delight in creating smooth, smart, visually-appealing apps for clients that perform and convert remarkably.

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App Development with React Native at Nexus Corporation

At Nexus Corporation, we understand that some customers require specialized services; they may not always look for enterprise React Native applications. We provide all related solutions to cater to these clients. Following are some of our custom offerings. If you need something not mentioned here, please talk to us.

Why Choose a React Native Framework?

React Native picks up where other technologies have left off. It revolutionized how cross-platforms work, enabling developers to create multi-platform apps that rival native ones. Here are a few of the software’s many benefits:

Nexus Corporation’s React Native App Development Process

Nexus Corporation has been providing end-to-end react native mobile app solutions for years. Our teams are comfortable dealing with projects of any level of complexity. Read more about our quality-sustaining process, which helps us deliver perfect results:

Planning & Discovery

The first step in most of our projects starts with a discovery call with the prospective client. On this short call, we gauge their project scope, discuss their needs, describe possible solutions if they ask, and chalk out the technical details of timeline and complexity. Based on these factors, we provide a quote. If they agree, we immediately proceed to payment, contract, and official onboarding. Next, we set up a detailed meeting with the customer to discuss approaches and ideas. Based on the amount of information provided, we may conduct more than one session to clarify important details. Once we have all the relevant information we need, our teams move on to the next stage.

Comprehensive Research

Armed with the customer’s approval on basic information and approaches, our teams start exhaustive research into the client’s market and audiences. This phase is critical for design and development as it provides direction for the foundation. In this stage, we also decide which technologies will help us deliver the best solution (unless specifications are provided by the client). Nexus Corporation’s React Native application development teams will discuss ideas inspired by their study and brainstorm unique flows and app processes that match with the user behavior patterns and preferences. We create multiple options and jot down all possible avenues for the wireframing stage.

Design & Staging

Based on the research, our React Native design app experts create user personas for the client and use this to create information flows and structure layouts for application elements. The UI/UX phase needs to be in a “complete” stage before moving on to development, since it lays out a foundation for the code. Our experts create native designs for all platforms required by the client (iOS, Android, Blackberry, etc.), so the users will have a comfortable, familiar interface to work with. Once the wireframe is complete, we share it with the client. We also conduct a meeting to discuss their feedback and answer any queries they may have.

Development & QA

After incorporating the client’s feedback and getting their approval on the final wireframe, it’s time to develop the mobile app. Our team will use the React Native framework to create the software quickly. But this doesn’t mean we trade quality for quick delivery. Our teams put their best into the project, ensuring the app performance doesn’t get bogged down by issues like unclean code. We take care of both backend and frontend development and ensure everything is set up perfectly.

No development is complete without testing. The QA professionals on our team conduct thorough rounds of testing for various issues in code, UI, and UX. With their eagle-eyed approach to the project, the development teams can keep improving the software to match the customer specifications. Once all modules are complete, we compile, test, and finalize the code.

Delivery & Publishing

We deliver the final version, and if you wish, we will publish it on all the required App Stores for you! At Nexus Corporation, we understand there will be a need to maintain and upgrade your application once you publish it on the App Stores. There may be unforeseen bugs or audience feedback on certain elements they would like changed, improved, or included. In either case, you need an expert by your side to polish your software and delight your users. We provide a free, 360-day plan for maintenance and aftercare! Talk to our experts today about your project details.

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Technology Stack We Use

Programming and platform solutions play a giant role in our services. Our professionals are dab hands at using the most popular and efficient UI platforms, libraries, and other solutions to develop streamlined React Native apps. Have a look at our tech stack:

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React Native App
Development Services

If you have been looking for React Native app solutions, you’ve been searching for Nexus Corporation. We are a US-based premium-quality app development services provider. We cater to global clients and all industries for their application needs. React is tech trending due to its ease of use and scalability. Want to develop an app or migrate an existing Android or iOS app to the new tech, our React Native app developers can help you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We offer all types of social media app development on React Native. Have a look at our portfolio to check samples.

Yes. We offer a free full year of maintenance and upgrades for every app we develop. However, if you wish to retain our team further, you can request add-ons.

Yes! Our professionals love everything tech and enjoy exploring and honing their skills on all kinds of software. If you have a certain technology in mind, you can discuss its details with our experts. Just call us at +1-302-597-7401.

At Nexus Corporation, we house a team of React Native experts who can design and build your project from the ground up. We are known to meet deadlines and providing our clients with exceptional solutions. If you want to get an app that you will love, talk to us today!

Nexus Corporation offers multiple, secure payment options online. You won’t have to worry about the process. Our account manager will walk you through it all.

Yes! If you want to move your legacy app to this modern framework, you can request our app export services, and our React Native mobile application developers will do it for you!

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