A huge misconception about big data analytics is that it can only be practical for mega-corporations or urban areas, well, it’s not. In reality, big data analytics can be more valuable when the data in question is scattered over a number of small facilities that are situated remotely and accumulated to identify concerns that might otherwise be overlooked.



People living in rural areas don’t have access to benefits which urban people have, among which, access to adequate educational facilities is one big issue. On the other hand, decision-makers find it difficult to take alternative steps to improve these facilities because they don’t have access to reliable information about the problem itself. To solve this problem, we have created an application based on big data that provides an insight into the educational landscape of different educational institutions in rural areas, as it equips decision-makers with knowledge pertaining to the availability of facilities in those areas. Anyone can stock its database with reliable details of different institutions. This data then can be used for the improvement of the educational standards of these facilities.


We have created a solution that incorporates the latest tools and technologies relevant to big data and affords a number of opportunities to its users that assist them in the establishment a better educational system.


Encapsulating Conditions of Educational Facilities

The key benefit of using this application is that it allows individuals in remote areas to gather information regarding the state of affairs of educational facilities. They can enter the information about the facility including its general info, infrastructure info pupil info and many more. Also, the individuals gathering the information doesn’t need to be trained specifically, the application itself is self-explanatory.

Robust Offline Facility

One of the key requirements in applications generally available in the market today is continuous access to the internet, which is not commonly available in rural areas. This application has an in-built offline feature that allows its users to save a vast amount of data on the device itself which will automatically synchronize itself with the central database once connected to the internet.


Improve Data Accuracy

When big data is used to gather information in order to make decisions, users not only gain answers over a broad spectrum, but they also get many accurate ones. This product is based on a similar approach, therefore, it supports a better decision making the process by creating a more accurate and complete view of your data. With this platform, you can gather data from a huge number of sources, reduce the risk of siloed, valuable information.

Cost Cutting

This application provides facilities that can improve the efficiency of your operations and cut down its costs. It helps significantly in reducing costs when storing massive amounts of data. Although initial application might look expensive, it will eventually save a lot of money in the long run. It also reduces the waiting time that was previously added in the execution cycle of any operation which in return decreases the stress on the IT landscape of your operation.

Key Features

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Collect Data Safely & Easily
Our application allow you to collect your data offline or online. It eliminates the use pen and paper, and provides and easy and safe method for data collection. It’s a fully customizable application and can be used for a host of different domains.

Works Offline
This data collection app works both online and offline. If the internet connection suddenly drops, your responses are stored in the app and later synchronized with the central database when the connection is restored.

Great User Experience
There's no need to train your data collectors about how this app works. This app is self-explanatory and within minutes the user will understand how to use this app.

Simple To Use
GThere's no need to train your data collectors about how this app works. This app is self-explanatory and within minutes the user will understand how to use this app.

Manage Data Collection Remotely
Its time to change the process of data collection, no need of maintaining endless lists and journals. This application allows you to get the relevant data and information in a much smarter and quicker way.


Exploit Data for Social Good

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