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Terms of Use

Kindly read through the following Terms of Use for using our services. By using Nexus Corporation Limited services, you are automatically bound by the conditions laid out.

The term ‘user’ or ‘users’ applies to individuals and entities that access Nexus Corporation Limited’s website.

The terms ‘site’ and ‘website’ refer to Nexus Corporation Limited’s website (www.nexuscorp-ltd.com).

All content on the Nexus Corporation Limited website is solely the property of Nexus Corporation Limited.

No individual or entity has the right to copy, extract and/or re-use content from our site without seeking and being given written approval. Furthermore, no individual or entity has the right to produce and/or broadcast their own database carrying significant portions of any material belonging to Nexus Corporation Limited.

All Nexus Corporation Limited trademarks, symbols, and other visual forms of identity exclusively belong to Nexus Corporation Limited, and no individual or entity is allowed to use these images in relation to other products, services and brands that are not a part of Nexus Corporation Limited, unless given prior written permission.

Any other trademark symbols used on the Nexus Corporation Limited website belong to their respective and rightful owners, such as the brands that Nexus Corporation Limited has served and whose images appear in areas of the website such as the Portfolio or Clients Served.

When providing Nexus Corporation Limited with information, users are responsible for ensuring that they deliver the correct details. Users must inform Nexus Corporation Limited of any changes in their information, particularly with regard to their contact details.

Nexus Corporation Limited reserves the right to refuse service to individuals or entities who are not in compliance with applicable laws. Nexus Corporation Limited also reserves the right to terminate accounts of individuals or entities it is in the process of serving. All settlements in this regard will be carried out according to standard industrial and legal rules.

Nexus Corporation Limited also reserves the right to amend or remove content that stands in violation of applicable laws, Nexus Corporation Limited Terms of Use, or policies and norms followed in the industry.

Nexus Corporation Limited aims to ensure its complete availability to provide its services without any breaks or glitches. While Nexus Corporation Limited’s aim to assure top quality and uninterrupted service, we do not guarantee 100% smooth service due to inconsistency in external factors such as internet disruptions or any other factors that affect the nature of delivering our services.

Nexus Corporation Limited is within its full rights to amend its Services, Terms of Use and Privacy Policy as and when required.

All users are advised to visit this page from time to time, as the Terms of Use may undergo changes when necessary.

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